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Celiac Disease (refractory type)

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This is so hard. So many of us have been just where you are. When the villi is so damaged it takes years to get any significant healing. The nice thing is…healing is possible.
How is your thyroid function? Hashimotos is common along with Celiac Sprue. I would think about that or other autoimmune diseases that might be in play.
This disease like any other really, is such a mental game too. Not like mental illness and not depression, but simply mental exhaustion. Go with the exhaustion, don’t fight it, that in and of itself is exhausting. But…also do what you can…when you can. Like a short walk inside the house…or stand for a bit…or sit and move your arms and legs.
Look into the AIP diet. The foods are so healing and lessen inflammation in your body. Every bite needs to be nourishing. Nothing processed for now is best. You will be amazed at how a few changes and learning about what your body needs does to speed healing.
Smile often, for mental energy. Read everything you can about Celiac and food choices. Get your body working with simple moves. Ask for help from everyone who can and will. Get good passionate medical help, demand tests and answers. You are not depressed, you are sick and need help.
You can make it past this stage, keep a diary to see your progress.
Every food might seem to bug you, keep eating right and it will get better.
Many of us can’t do oats, no one mentions this, grains of any kind are hard to digest when you are in this storm.
Keep fighting… never give in…live and smile and laugh. Surround yourself with loving caring people.
Someday soon you will be better❤️

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I understand how the fatigue is overwhelming- I have had other autoimmune inflammation of my intestines. The fatigue is secondary to the inflammation. I agree with lighthouseceliac that you should have your thyroid checked- it is very common to have more than one autoimmune disease. My daughter has both as well as multiple food allergies, all appearing recently.
Hang in there!