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Celiac Disease (refractory type)

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Oh forgot!! 15% of us cannot do oats of any kind. They are a rotation crop with wheat fields. Even safe ones make me extremely sick.

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Oats can also have the highest levels of the pesticide glyphosate on them. I wonder if that affects people too. When they found this out last summer that Quaker Oats and their instant oatmeal was loaded with glyphosates, Quaker changed their packaging to make it look healthier. They didn’t go so far as to change to a non-gmo grain.

Hello, I am a possible Celiac. I went gluten free f5 yrs ago for another problem. Felt so much better that I decided to get tested for celiac, not realizing that one must be on gluten for an accurate test. I did test positive though in 2 out of 3 areas. I too cannot do oats until last year when my gluten free magazine recommended Purity Protocol type of oats. They are grown in fields reserved for oats only and harvested/processed with equipment reserved for oats only, and they are organic (no pesticides). I have never found Purity Protocol oats in stores, so I order online. I can now enjoy oats again. Most oats say they are gluten free (they are naturally gluten free) but they still make me sick. They must be Purity Protocol.