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Reny (@reny)

Celiac Disease (refractory type)

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I would have to say right now, the symptom that bothers me the most is the sheer exhaustion I feel after 'dumping' after a few days of constipation. The abdominal pain pain I feel every day. How can I have a relationship like this? I have constant gas and bloating no matter what I eat. I look like I am pregnant all the time. It is horrible.

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@reny I'm sure it must be awful to have to deal with those symptoms. I struggle with constipation once in awhile but not constant gas and bloating. There is a discussion on where you might get some suggestions for what might help here:

> Groups > Digestive Health > Stomach bloating/ digestive issues

I have no medical training or background but from reading about celiac disease the bloating, constipation and fatigue can all be symptoms of celiac. Has your doctor offered any suggestions to help or have you discussed the symptoms with your doctor?

BeyondCeliac.org – Symptoms List


Good morning! I have been where you are and know the frustration. There is hope and help and healing.
Fist and foremost get on a probiotic, a good strong gluten free one. I get mine from Kirkman, ordered online. I used to use VSL #3, this is available in the fridge at a pharmacy, Costco has the best price. Just ask at the pharmacy desk for it. Take it morning and night.
Start on the AIP way of eating. It is the best for getting your inflammation down. Do it for as long as you can, my goal was a week, then a month. I felt so good that I didn’t reintroduce foods for several months.
Exercise is extremely important. Start with yoga simple posses, some weights and as much walking (indoor or outside) as you can.
The GF products are usually unsafe because of cross contamination, we are dealing with microscopic amounts that make our immune system over react and destroy the villi. It is a constant vigilance. Stay to the edges of the grocery store. No cheerios, they are not safe, look for products from a dedicated production line only.
Verywell.com has great advice, also glutendude. Edison Grainery (edisongrainery.com) is the only business that I will get pastas. Nuts.com has GF products. “Against the Grain” products are safe too, try the AIP diet first though before doing any processed foods.
Write me anytime, you will recover and heal, it takes all your will power, you know battles well, you will be great soon!!
Most of all keep your mind still, stress is the hardest part. Find or rediscover a hobby. Make a daily diary to see your progress. Write down what you are grateful for each day.
Leader brand immodium is safe, alka selzer, Benadryl…all are my lifesavers. You can get your life back and be better than ever!!!