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Pain months after Total Knee Replacement

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Don't think 8 months, 12 months, even 16 months is the best its going to get. I just celebrated my two year anniversary and as a competitive/advanced rated tennis player I'm still feeling improvement in strength, plus in the area!

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@jeffkirc : May I ask your age, tennis level rating, court surfaces, and what - singles, or doubles - you play? I have yet to take the plunge to get back on the soft courts. Have played social, but still very competitive tennis, and early on team tennis with several trips to state championships, for decades. (4.0, but probably more realistically 3.5 in recent years), singles only until I was about 63 and could not find any willing partners in matching ability and age range. Had to settle for doubles then. The younger generation hit too hard, and was too focused on ending points. To me, tennis at it’s best is a strategic chess match if players are evenly matched. Anyway - my main concern is the need to “twist” - sideways motion - of the knee. Starting, stopping, I can imagine would be fine. I still have major problems when I bend my knee inwards, sideways, and upwards, as in taking off a sock while standing. Does this make any sense to you? Oh, I’m now finally 70, and otherwise in pretty decent shape. Coming up on 10 months after surgery.