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Ulcerative colitis and cirrhosis of the liver

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I don’t know if your doctor recommended a plant based diet. Right now for me I am watching my high fiber intake. The collagen supplement powder has given me a quiescence that I have never had before. It took a month for me to notice and supposedly it takes up to six months to heal the. mucosal lining. Apple Cider Vinegar, raw and unfiltered with the Mother. I get mine at Wal-Mart. It has to be vigorously shaken to mix the bottom residue. I just chug a tablespoon. You can mix it with juice but be sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth and teeth afterward so it doesn’t affect your tooth enamel. This
contributes probiotics to your system and why it helps has not been completely figured out yet. There is something about the vinegar that my body likes.
I quit buying expensive probiotic pills because there is no way of knowing how viable they are.
The collagen supplement can also be found at Wal-Mart but I buy mine in a big black plastic tub from .Amazon for about $26. It comes with a scoop for measuring and one scoop mixed with juice or milk daily. Take vitamin C with it to make it more viable. Juice or a small C tablet.
As far as your insurance coverage on any medication……many pharmaceutical companies have a PAP (prescription assistance program). I have had a
fifteen thousand dollar a year medication for years and it is completely free and mailed to my home. If you run across a medication that you can’t afford just look it up online and see if they have a program. I am a one person household and was amazed that 76,000 annual or less qualified me.
If there is anything else you would like to ask, please feel free. I would like to tell you not to despair but I know the down and out feelings can visit you
but don’t make them feel welcome. You absolutely have to be optimistic. You sound young enough that we might find a cure.

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Thanks for the information! While confined to the house, at my worst, a few months ago, I read that there is a lot of clinical evidence that a plant based diet can reduce a lot of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis and Crohns. I had nothing to lose… The GI doc told me the colitis was "fulminant" and suggested that I contact a colorectal surgeon, which we did. So for the past 10 weeks, I have had the three loading doses of Entyvio, tapered off the prednisone, and followed a strict plant based diet. There has been tremendous improvement, so I am optimistic, and I am eating more than I have eaten in the past year. It's amazing how much you can eat and not consume any animal products! I do miss my ice-cream but other than that, it's ok; I'm getting very creative in the kitchen, and there are some great sites for vegan recipes. I have stopped losing weight; I am maintaining 102 pounds. The labs next week will determine if I am in "clinical remission" but like you, I prefer more natural ways of treatment. Of course, it was so bad, I had no choice with the Entyvio. Out of all the biologics, it has the highest safety profile, but of course, I am still worried!! I am hoping to be among those that need the infusions every 8 weeks and not every 4, and I am also hoping that eventually I won't need them at all!!! It's too early to be that optimistic, and I dread the despair and darkness we experience with each flare. With me, the flares became worse each time and harder to manage. You're taking Pentasa and the mesalamine worked for me too, until it caused pancreatitis. The flare after that was the worst one yet, and I dread another colonoscopy. I think annually is more than enough and I will insist, if the inflammation markers show improvement, that we leave it at that! No need to disrupt everything again…. Thanks again for the information and for the kind words. One thing I have learned is that we know our bodies (at 62, I KNOW how I feel) and we have to be our own advocates! I am not afraid to ask questions and my 41 year old doctor listens and respects the fact that I know my own body. He also encourages natural things that work! This is a horrible disease and I hope and pray that all of us afflicted can get symptom relief and ultimately, clinical remission, for life! Be well, Donna 🙂