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Ulcerative colitis and cirrhosis of the liver

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I’m so sorry you have UC! I was diagnosed less than two years ago and my life has been a living hell ever since. I have been on every drug for this debilitating disease and it continues to escalate! Mesalamine resulted in drug induced acute pancreatitis; remission lasted only 3 months. The budesonide (oral and rectal) did nothing! I have been on oral prednisone and just added the biologic, Entyvio, to the mix. GI doc has advised consult with a colorectal surgeon as removal of the colon and rectum would be the only other option if this doesn’t work. Right now, it is also affecting my eyes (uveitis). I am a 62 year old female that had been in excellent health before UC destroyed my quality of life! Never smoked; don’t drink, exercised since I was 14, and here I am, now – weak, frail and devastated at what my life has become. It kills me what it has done to my husband, too, who is my best friend on the planet and beyond supportive. There are days I literally cannot leave the house!!!I hope and pray that they can cure this disease or at least offer drugs that are more effective without all the horrible side effects. Before I had this, I had never even heard of it! What treatments or drugs have you been on and has anything been effective? Thanks for sharing….

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I have had colitis for twenty-eight years. If you are still suffering please let me know and maybe I can help.

So did the Mesalamine cause acute pancreatitis