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Am I having seizures

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Hello Maya,
Welcome to Connect.
I hope you have talked to your mom and have seen a doctor. You should never be afraid to talk to your mom about anything. She’s concerned with your well being and wants the best for you. Your having multiple Neurological symptoms and they need to be evaluated and addressed by a professional. You are describing seizure activity both Absence and Tonic Clonic.
When you hit your head on the floor, and suffered the concussion did you lose consciousness?
Absence seizures (previously called petit-mal) can be typical absences or atypical absences. During typical absence activity the person becomes blank and unresponsive and stares for a few seconds. Atypical absences are similar to typical absences but they start and end more slowly, and last a bit longer. You also mentioned falling out of a chair and shaking which sounds like Tonic Clonic seizure activity. Im surprised the school nurse wasn’t notified and didn’t phone your mother. Did you stay in school the remainder of the day after falling out of the chair. Did you sleep after the episode?
Your definitely going to need a brain imaging after all your injuries. Anytime you pass out or have a concussion you should always seek medical attention. Have you seen any doctors yet?

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yes i did lose consciousness and the nurse at the school didnt do that, it was the end of the school day and she took e straight to the bus and yes i did sleep afterwards and yes ive seen doctors and they are still trying to figure it out im supposed to see a neurologist, but that hasnt happend yet.