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CT lung cancer screening

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thank you . your reply was encouraging and kind.
Can I ask , how long were you unable to do regular physical activities after the surgery? How long were you in the hospital? My personality-type and life experiences make me consider refusing all treatment except palliative care and maybe euthanasia. But that's because I believe the docs will only cut me up, radiate me to prolong a low quality life. It means a lot to hear real stories where people do come through lung cancer, largely healthy.

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@joelars Getting back to a semblance of doing most things took about a month int total. The main thing for me, was working on breathing so my right lung would learnt o compensate for its missing lobe. And it has! Yes, I was tired after the surgery, but I'd do things when I had energy–usually int he morning and then rest int he afternoon. I walked a lot around the back yard and slowly worked up to doing light gardening, etc. I was driving after two weeks and although came home on oxygen, was off it completely in about three weeks. It is doable and with the VATS surgery, the pain was tolerable at first and improved almost daily. I actually feel better than I did before the surgery. There were no symptoms prior tot he surgery and I would not have lucked out with doctors finding the carcinoma had I not gone for a heart CT scan. Hope this helps and I'll be glad to answer any other questions you might have.

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