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CT lung cancer screening

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Had a CY scan to check heart health. Int hat can was found a mall spot in my lower right lung. Had a biopsy done and it was early cancer. I could have waited and we could have watched to see what might happen. However, my doctor and I decided to get rid fo the thing and I had a lobectomy VATS surgery to remove it and the surrounding tissue. It was so small they think they got it before any spread happened. Tests show I am clear. My point is, if there is something suspicious, i'd have it taken out, especially while it is noticed early. With VATS surgery, the healing time was pretty fast and easy.I am due back after 6 moths for a CT scan to make sure all i clear. My doctor is pretty darned hopeful al is well. If you are comfortable with your doctor, see him about the results as soon as you and he are able to meet. It will reassure you. Hope this helps. I'm pulling for you!

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@alamogal635 Glad to hear that the early detection and removal made a difference for you. Good news!