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CT lung cancer screening

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@joelars– Good morning Joe. Where to begin? My first impression is that you might be spending way too much time thinking about your health and what could happen, what does this mean? Is it cancer, maybe I'm immune? I'm sorry if this will upset you but my advice is to stop watching health videos or programs. Make sure that you go to good medical sites.
Look at the top line of logos.

If there is still liquid in your lung it doesn't necessarily mean that your pneumonia is antibiotic-immune because you would still be ill, I would think. But it most likely is yucky stuff that needs more time to clear up. Antibiotics last longer than your last pill. It's an accumulative effect. Pneumonia is pretty serious. I bet that you were pretty ill. It can take weeks and weeks to clear up.
There is no herbal or other cure for emphysema, period. It's a life time disease mostly caused by smoking, and it involves damage to the air sacs (alveoli) in the lungs. As a result, your body does not get the oxygen it needs. Emphysema makes it hard to catch your breath. You may also have a chronic cough and have trouble breathing during exercise. The most common cause is cigarette smoking. It is a subset of COPD.
Please don't fall for scams. That African Company is a known scam artist and offers false hope for too many people who want to believe in fairy tales. Believe this: If it's too good to be true it isn't. And that's the truth. Can you believe this? Listen to your doctor. DO you trust him/her? If you do than just stay your course and be happy. Can you do this?

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I was kidding about the herbal medicine. I'm sorry but my sarcasm is the result of my frustration with our medical system- its inability to effectively address illnesses like emphysema and COPD. I was pointing out the similarity between the scam artist and "legitimate medicine" where both seek your money and neither delivers a cure.
At what point do I withdraw my trust from a system that's only function is diagnosing conditions they're helpless to treat? Speaking as a patient whose doctors charge him but can't help him, I have the right to make light of the situation. Maybe most of us should be less solicitous and more demanding of our medical system (I realize some of us have survived cancer because of our doctors). They are well paid. They need to do better.