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CT lung cancer screening

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@merpreb I haven't called yet. I'm waiting for the results of the test I take this week. You may remember I had pneumonia in March In my follow=up chest x-ray a few weeks later they found a small "infiltrate" My doctor scheduled a 2nd x-ray. I put it off. I'm scheduled this week. In part I put it off because I don't think it was realistic to find a completely clean x-ray that soon after pneumonia should be expected? . A small patch of dead infectious material should be expected? Assuming this x-ray is clean I will schedule the Mayo exam. My concern is going to doctors they tend to find things. The findings may demoralize my arduous work-outs and runs. The fact that I can do so much physically I believe has saved my life. I don't want anything to interfere with that. So unless they can really help me improve my athletic performances and I don't believe they can, what is the point of letting them test me just to report problems?

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Trust me, all that working out will stand for something even if they find something. My husband was always very physically fit. When he was diagnosed with bone cancer he was able to tolerate the hard treatments, and still continue to do well. He is in his 70s, and still way ahead of most with his disease, we attribute much of that to workouts, marathons, etc. even though he has been unable to do continue it after diagnosis. Walking is his friend now.