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CT lung cancer screening

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@to54- I'm not at that stage yet. I have one nodule in my lower left lobe that is 9mm. It is being watched and because it's being scanned once every 3-6 months it'll be easier to get rid of. I'll know tomorrow. And you are right, you have to let your body tell you when to let go. But I am not there. Was it an easy step for you to stop the scans?

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I smoked for almost 40 years. I quit about 25 years ago. I don’t use oxygen but every time I am in hospital they put me on it. There’s some things I cannot explain. I have gone through the bronchitis, colds, inability to breathe, chest pain, chest expanding, nostrils flaring, trips to ER, choking and coughing. I realized suddenly that I have not had a cold in over a year. My oxygen readings are over 94 and I feel free. I still cannot walk a distance and stay in when humidity is high. I am careful and some days are better than others. I was ready for oxygen 24/7 but I was given a gift and i am grateful. I know there is no cure but I am convinced that taking care of yourself helps. Prayer is an answer for me. God gave me this body and after many years I have learned to respect it. 💞