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After ICU and ventilation

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Hi all been back at work 3 days, i personally am battling my body is so sore and i am tired by 14;00. My managers seem to care less that i was in critical care and almost lost my life and told me i best be positive.... who says that to someome who almost lost their life? Of course im positive because i appreciate life so much more now.
Anyways i am hoping my body just recovers quickly as i am really struggling with working after being released on the 25th june and only staying home one week before returning 🙁

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Oh my gosh, @cindyvag that must be so challenging. Might it be possible to visit with your doctor and request that he sign a longer leave of absence from work?

I've been thinking of you all week @cindyvag knowing that you went back to work on Monday. I am sorry that you are in the position you are in with your employer. But I am encouraged that you are choosing to hold on to a positive outlook on this. I am hopeful that you can continue to find support through this site that may be unavailable to you through other avenues. Also continue to check back on our blog. I will be updating this monthly - our series right now is discussing life beyond the ICU. We will discuss topics like exercise, nutrition, stress relief, etc. that can all help aid in recovery. I think you will find these posts helpful!