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My daughter is an only child but she's never alone – not since cell phones were invented ! I've heard many complaints about cell phones but they are wonderful for 'only' children. My daughter is also very bright, but she started having some problems at age 9. I had her evaluated, she's a genius with ADD, they prescribed Adderall – her academic problems vanished overnight. She also has a cluster of odd behaviors, including defiance, that are being called "borderline personality disorder" by psychiatrists who are trying to help them. It is written that girls tend to grow out of it in their 30's. I hope so as there is no medicine for that. She is succeeding in her career any way and she married a very nice boy who is crazy about her and doesn't compete with her. It will be interesting to read the replies to your post and get an over-view of the traits that we possibly pass on to our descendants. Peggy

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Good morning,
Thank you very much for your reply. It is great to see how wonderful your daughter is doing both in her personal and professional life!
My daughter (the mother), also had behavior issues when she was a child. When my son was born, she would hug and kiss him, but would also try to 'hurt' him. She'd do things like push him when he was a baby or throw things at him. She was 3. She also became defiant towards me, but not so much towards her dad. It's been over 40 years so I can't remember everything she did. Guess I blocked it out. Anyway, I quickly took her to see a doctor because I was afraid she'd really hurt the baby.

Long story short. She was in and out of therapy for years and years while living with me. She also had some issues early in her marriage and she went to therapy for that. She does suffer from mild depression but she has grown into a fantastic, caring adult. She is a social worker and her passion was working in the field of hospice. Although she no longer works in that field of hospice, a social worker by definition helps others. She has found her way. Right now, she needs help parenting.

We had our granddaughter yesterday. We in the car and had the following conversation.
S: Grandma, have I been good today?
Me: You have been wonderful!
S: I haven't been bad?
Me: No, you are never bad. Sometimes you just make the wrong decisions.
S: I'm always good with you and Grandpa!
Me: Who do you think you are 'bad' with?
S: Mommy and Daddy.
Me: Why?
S: No answer.

Funny, I could have had the same conversation 40 years ago with her mother! LOL!
What is the saying?
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Have a great weekend!
Ronnie (GRANDMAr)

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