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Botox for urinary incontinence?

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@jenniferhunter Thanks, Jennifer. I thought I had responded to yo before but it does not appear as if I did. Maybe I forgot to hit "reply"!
Thanks for the info. I think just the Botox injections will be all I need. I am sort of scared about any pain, although I am usually pretty good at pain, but also at the possibility of having to self-catheterize. I am definitely going ahead though because the Botox will allow me to get off of Trospium, a drug that is said to contribute to getting Alzheimer's. It will be great if I can finally not have to be up numerous times during the night.

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@contentandwell Hi JK. Another thing that can help is hormone replacement because it helps maintain muscle tone. Maybe that's been discussed, but I thought I'd mention it just in case. Bioidentical hormones can be compounded in a pharmacy. My mom wasn't able to try that because it can increase risk of blood clots and she already had issues with clots in her lower legs because of being so sedentary with using a wheelchair. My mom tried some prescriptions for bladder control and it made her blood pressure too high. Other things her doctor said was to limit consumption of milk because it's a diuretic and she would drink her fluids earlier in the day. My mom's doctor adjusted the amount of Botox he injected on subsequent visits and a higher dose did work better for her at least. You could ask what dosages typically work for most patients, and what to try next if they don't help enough. I hope Botox works for you and you get relief and no longer need drugs that can cause side effects. It lasts about 6 months and then the procedure would probably need repeating.