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GERD treatment: Diet vs. drugs

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I have had acid reflux for 20+ years. I was taking a proton pump inhibitor for the first year or two and then became allergic to it: itching, and rash. Then the same thing happened with all the h2 acid blockers. I have managed all these years just taking Gaviscon (the tablets although gastroenterologists say the liquid form is more effective) and sometimes; very occasionally a liquid antacid . I have been scoped over the years and there is no damage to my stomach lining . I actually am happy that I can't take these medications. The thinking has changed now and I've read that you shouldn't be on ppi's longterm.
For the most part I avoid the foods that for me trigger reflux. No spicy hot foods, tomato sauces, alcohol. (Love pesto sauce but it doesn't love me!). I am so used to having acid reflux and non-ulcer dyspepsia that I hardly notice it anymore.

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Oh forgot to mention: sleeping elevate so the acid from the stomach doesn't flow back into the esophagus. Put a couple of bricks under the box spring.

yes the PPI's are super bad for you and also gaviscon the aluminum level is bad for you. i used to take a lot of that and yes the liquid was better but again high levels or aluminum. there are so many other foods other than what you mentioned that are acidic and will cause you reflux problems you nee to search for acidic and alkaline food charts/ until my nutritionist showed me the first chart i was shocked to see how many foods are seriously acidic that i never knew about and some "healthy foods" just have an acidic effect on the body. also some acidic foods that become alkaline i the belly like .lime and lemon. wonderful for the belly . dont ever get used to having reflux it will destroy your insides in time like mine did. learn ways to get rid of it. the drugs are not the answer. their diet but an all alkaline diet is the answer. trust me.