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End stage liver disease

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@twocatmama, Unfortunately, no one can predict how long it will be until our liver fails to where we need a transplant. And no one has any promise of the outcome if /when we get one. I will share a little of my story
When my symptoms hit, they also hit with a vengence. I had no other health conditions, but my liver disease took both my liver and my kidney. I was placed on dialysis and had other interventions along the way. It was a difficult period of time for me and for my husband, my caregiver. My transplant team was exceptional in their knowledge and care that they provided. My family and friends gave me the strength to keep on going when I felt like I couldn't go anymore. One of my best decisions ever was when I said that I wanted to be evaluated for a transplant. Because of my transplant, I am healthy and active once again.

You are not alone in your search for answers and support. I want to invite some others who have experienced the liver transplant process as a recipient or as a spouse of a recipient. I post the question that you asked, "How is your life after your transplant?"
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I waited 17 months on the wait list and 2 year from diagnosis until I received my liver. The symptoms prior to surgery were quite intense and I couldn't wait to be transplanted. While I was nervous about the transplant surgery I came to terms with it knowing it was my only hope. I was extremely calm when my call came as I was more than ready. The surgery itself was 8.5 hours but I came out of it feeling great. The actual recovery from that surgery was quick and relatively painless. My staples were removed 4 weeks after surgery. I had complications post surgery and it was a difficult time as I underwent 4 ERCPs and one major surgery. These have been resolved. I am now 7 months post transplant and beginning to feel lile my old self. My transplant team and family kept me going through the entire process.
My life is so much better now as the 2 prior years were awful. If you have questions or concerns this group is always here to share their experiences and supply tips on the whole process. I wish the best for all those waiting for a transplant.

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