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Mamacita Thank you I don't know if I said that one of the results of the recent CAT scan was moderate degenerative changes in the visual spine. This basically means osteoarthritis of the spine. The scan was to look at the lymph nodes and found this. I did some reading and found that bone spurs "could" be on the spine and hitting a nerve which could cause the foot pain and swelling and neuropathy. I am a long time sufferer of back pain but had it pretty much under control until recently. Two doctors said I should have another MRI of my back and two said "What for" duh. Maybe they will go after this now or maybe not. I see my doctor Wednesday. In the past when I had a doctor's app I would feel encouraged thinking maybe some good would come of it. Anymore I just feel depressed and really don't even want to go. I will go on Wednesday and let you know what my primary care doctor has to say.

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Yes,@summertime4, it can be so discouraging when doctors do not seem to want or know how to do their job.

You may have seen where I posted recently that I "fired" my Arthritis specialist. It had gotten to the point that about all he did was tell me that he basically couldn't do anything for me. Well, with Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Stenosis, Arthritis in all my joints, Fibromyalgia, among other things…there isn't a whole lot that can be done. You treat the symptoms as best you can.

When modern medicine is incomplete, you study alternative treatments. There is so much out there. I pick and choose. I also depend greatly on mindfulness, prayer, positive affirmations, essential oils, music, water therapy, stretching, hot and cold packs, and healing principles of the Bible.

Be encouraged. Just because they haven t figured it out yet, doesn't mean that they won't. It may take several trips to a specialist or two in a large teaching hospital before everything makes sense. Smaller cities just don't see enough and don't have the practical experience to deal with rare conditions.

We are rooting for you! Please check back with us when you have a chance.

Love and light,


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