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I am on my fourth oncologist now (one time was because of an insurance change) but two were because it just wasn't a good fit. Keep working until you find someone you trust and who listens. Its too important not to do that.
Press for what you feel comfortable with for blood pressure checks and blood work sticks and such. Doctors haven't all caught up with the lymphedema risk yet.

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It makes me feel better that you have made the choice of finding the right oncologist for you. My first one was a good doctor I think, but he was unreasonable when he would not get a second reading on my diagnostic mamo….the report was full of errors and I asked for a second reading by a different radiologist and he said NO….WE HAVE GOOD DRs….who don’t know their left from their right and what years the two different cancers happened in and even more. He also yelled at me and told me the reason why I had anxiety was because I wouldn’t pay out of pocket for psychological counseling…WTH? Maybe I had anxiety because it was my second cancer and a radiologist had misdiagnosed it twice even though it clearly showed up on mamo and ultrasound…also I have great insurance so why would I even think of paying out of pocket…I still don’t get it, him throwing this in my face. The second was a woman that did not want to answer my questions and huffed out of the room when I pointed out she was wrong about a test report I had with me. Who needs someone who does not want to relate and who has you in a slot that says if this then that. Running out of the room was very unprofessional…she would not admit she was wrong. I think some of these doctors do not want us to read and understand our reports. Now I am looking for number 3. I sure hope I make a better choice this time.