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My surgeon told me I shouldn’t worry, I won’t get Lymphedema; so when I did, I showed him and he sent me to a physical therapist who specializes in our condition. 2 years later, physical therapy, a compression vest with a sleeve, arm wraps & sleeves, it is under control.

Never let anyone do anything (take blood, blood pressure, anything) with or to your effected arm! If a tech does not listen to you, tell him to STOP & request to talk to someone in charge. I’m so sorry for your experience. Don’t be afraid to say NO and stand your ground.

Did I answer your question or just prattle on?

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I have had bilateral breast cancer and NO ONE CARES. When I say I want stuff done in my foot, they do not want to. I have found two people that will draw from my foot, but what do I do if I need surgery? It seems no one in the NJ area cares. If I say anything, they all look at me and either do not answer or say “so”. The oncologist that fired me as a patient the other day (because I had questions for her) would not answer me when I told her of my concern and said that she did not seem to be concerned. I am glad she walked out of the room on me because I was not liking her. That is why I have an appointment with the head of oncology for the whole health network early next month. I am going to wait to talk to him before I make any decisions.