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Good for you! Good for the young surgeon too………I can't imagine the pain they must see everyday too. Since I have no breasts I like 'messing' with the nurses and doctors when they offer me a gown before exams. I just pull off my shirt and sit down, explaining I have less than a man to 'hide' these days. I actually consider gardening without a shirt and would in my own backyard but the result is a little jarring from my surgery and I don't want to frighten my neighbors!!
Hugs and Laughs to you…………..hang in there with the lymphodema

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@cindylb I didn't have full mastectomies, just greatly reduced and reshaped so they're about a size "A" now…compared to F++ feels like I'm flat. Don't have to wear bras anymore AND in our pool I get on a float without top so I can sunbathe and get an even tan!!!!