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I just read the article Collen referenced in her post and want to add that my body decided to develop a great deal of fluid post surgery. I had seromas that required draining every 2-3 days post surgery. My issues were my body being 'me' and are probably not typical but possible. I still use the knowledge I gained having lymphedema in keeping my body healthier today. I'm grateful my lymphedema has mostly resolved and that I had a good therapists to guide and support me.

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@cindylb - I too developed lymphedema after surgery and had seromas drained many times. I have my Lymphedema under control, using a compression machine, sleeves and wraps on a "as necessary" after therapy for 2 years. I watch myself carefully and keep in under control. You're not alone 🙂

To bring a little levity to this situation; I am 75 years old. on one occasion when I needed to be "drained", a young surgeon appeared to perform the procedure. I asked him to please be very careful to leave no scar and told him I was a topless pole dancer! The poor guy took a couple steps back, his eyes wide as saucers, thought for about 30 seconds, and said, "uh uh, I'm not touching that with a 10 foot pole". We all had a hearty laugh!! Gotta make fun when you can, that's my motto . . . 😉