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Sandy, I agree with Cindy. Put your worry into getting informed (as you are doing here) and taking wise precautions. The possibility of lymphedema is lower with sentinel lymph node biopsy than axillary lymph node dissection where several lymph nodes are removed. Low risk, however is not zero risk. Here's a helpful article:

Lymphedema Risk Factors https://www.breastcancer.org/treatment/lymphedema/risk_factors

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I just read the article Collen referenced in her post and want to add that my body decided to develop a great deal of fluid post surgery. I had seromas that required draining every 2-3 days post surgery. My issues were my body being 'me' and are probably not typical but possible. I still use the knowledge I gained having lymphedema in keeping my body healthier today. I'm grateful my lymphedema has mostly resolved and that I had a good therapists to guide and support me.

I originally had one sentenal node removal with a sentanal node recurrence. I had 23 nodes removed after that. I did not see anything going on. One of the nurses in chemotherapy told me that I needed to address the issue. Referral to Lymphadema clinic. It only takes one lymph node removal to cause Lymphadema. My therapist tells me that it is way under treated.