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Down to either bile reflux or gastroparesis

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I won't go into all the details, but have had serious digestive issues for the past 6 months that are very challenging. I am without a gallbladder, and suspect shpincter of oddi ever since this was removed 5 years ago. My GP wonders if I have this even though my study came out normal. Metroclopramide is the only medication that has given me relief, but sadly I had to discontinue after 6 weeks due to side effects I brought up in an earlier post. I always feel like food gets stuck and doesn't flow through me like it should. The cement feeling in my stomach and discomfort really wear on me. So....has anyone taken domperidone at all whcih is a motility drug but safer than M? Stuck as in I can't take the M but it was the only really effective medication for me so far.

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Hi @bborth that must be so confusing for you and your doctor.

I wanted to tag @mayorocks @spaceboy60 and @peggyella have all mentioned domperidone in the past and may be able to share their experience or research on this medication.

Back to you @bborth, what other treatment options are you are your doctor thinking about?

At this point I have tried all medications except for domperidone, and the only surgical option from what I have been told is Roux En Y. My GI surgeon seemed to offer that as a very last resort, as he mentioned some possible serious life long adjustments/risks that I would have to consider. Which is why I really would like to hear from others who have had this what their experience was, and is months/years later. The ability to go out and have a normal meal again, and not worry about the possible consequences must be nice. Being 56 years old it is hard to fathom living another 20 odd years this way and not take a risk at some point to gain back normalcy if that is at all possible. Hopefully I will get some responses here, thanks!

I take Domperidone, it was the only way I could eat solid food for years but now it doesn't seem to work as well. Moved to a liquid diet this week due to several vomiting episodes per day burning my esophagus to the point it effected my ability to speak without pain.

Well, I tried the domperidone for 2 days last week. I actually came down with a fever and felt chilled as if I had a virus. Not sure how that all came about, but obviously a deal breaker. Really bummed out because Reglan worked for me but again had too nasty of side effects. Am now exploring the role of the vagus nerve with my feeling of slow digestion. Have had 2 emptying studies, one 3 years ago was slow, the other one a few months ago normal. Which is why I ask about the validity of this test given my symptoms a tailor made for gastroparesis. I have had 2 whiplash concussions in my life, and all my gut problems started after my first one 19 years ago. Prior to that, nothing. Makes me wonder.