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What's it like to get a biopsy for IgA nephropathy?

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Now im just wanting to get it over with

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@joejokief73, I am happy that you have already gained support and confidence by hearing the experiences of other members who have gone thru it.
I never had a biopsy of my native kidneys, but I have had several on my transplanted kidney which is in my lower left abdomen. My experience is very similar to those already posted. The only pain for me was a 'bee sting' prick with the initial lidocaine was administered and it was only a split second prick.
For me the most discomforting part was just the thought of being in a hospital like environment for this outpatient procedure.

My husband accompanied me, and he was able to be with me afterwards, and we chatted with the nurses who monitored my vital signs, brought me a drink and snack, helped me to bathroom when I got up, and walked with me before I was discharged. I did have some discomfort afterwards, and I was allowed to take some tylenol for it.
Take comfort in knowing that it is a 'routine' procedure. The doctors do it often enough that they have developed a remarkable skill.

Has the biopsy been scheduled?