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Gallbladder surgery coming up this week

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Thank you for your comments. I actually do realize they cannot "wake me up" and ask permission for more invasive surgery. My children live out of state, and there is no one else I would ask to be an advocate. I imagine it is just easier for surgeon to "go all the way" if there is even a little issue rather than take a chance on Laparoscopic. I am seeing him today to ask more questions. I had asked how many surgeries he has performed. He said "a thousand". (He has only been practicing 10 years.) But I neglected to ask the # of GALLBLADDER surgeries and also how successful they were or if complications. To respond to you, my primary care internist (for 23 years) says it is better to have the operation now when (hopefully) there are no complications and no emergency. I have to make myself accept that thinking.

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my sister had it more invasive and she did great. went home the next day had stitches out in 10 days and was all healed in about 4 weeks. shes so happy she did it. you will be fine but pray they can do it laparoscopy if not you will still be fine !! its not that big of an incision the gall bladder is really tiny !!

@tennisgolf I know you will be seeing your surgeon this week or so. Perhaps you will discuss timeline and when the surgery might happen. Yesterday I was at a kidney disease support group meeting, and we discussed preemptive kidney transplants, that is a living donor transplant before getting on the transplant list. Two attendees, one over 70, one late 60s, are in the process of doing just that. We all agreed that having the surgery when you are in a better physical shape, able to tolerate it, is preferable. Your recovery will be easier. So, I thought of you and your situation, and figured I would pass it along.