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Gallbladder surgery coming up this week

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Love your post. I just always find it hard to accept ANYTHING is wrong physically because I believe either it is exaggerated by doctors or I alone can overcome it. I will probably go through with the surgery, but I have read about various types of complications or problems. One is that even after gallbladder removal, one can still get gallstones!!!

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@tennisgolf – yes, you can still get gallstones after surgery. I ended up with “sludge”. They just made the bile duct opening larger- was fine. If I eat certain fatty foods I still get cramps and pain for a while. Just avoiding certain fats nowadays.


Gallstones that are in the biliary ducts can occur after gallbladder removal and, of course, sometimes , there are stones left behind after removal. If you are in reasonably good health with no gastrointestinal problems and have had symptoms only for less than a year, I wouldn’t wait until it got worse. My gallbladder was filled to the very top and some into the bile duct. Couldn’t believe the imaging pictures that I remember to this day. I can eat anything I want and have no intestinal problems whatsoever. You may be overthinking this and stressing yourself out . There are risks with every surgery. This is a common surgery. Asking questions is great but I don’t know what else he can tell you.

Doctors don’t generally practice holistic medicine and treat the patient as a whole. You are just another gallbladder. If you trust him and he has had mucho experience then go for it. My cataract surgeon left me cold personally but he had done thousands of cataract surgeries so I picked him. Also, everything you read on the internet is not true. If you want to find the worse things that can happen…Goggle will find it for you.

Good luck
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there can always be problems or complication even with the simplest surgeries or even procedures.,,. i think they have to say that as a precaution. but i had the surgery and it was so easy. i went home the same day and did well. my sister had the more invasive one and stayed overnight in the hospital and did great and was back on her feet in a couple days and all healed in a few weeks. now days its a pretty common surgery. im sure you will be fine. if you are a believer just give it over to god and he will take care of it and you. he is the great physician ! you will be just fine !!! don't do what i did and wait you will regret that i have irreversible damage to my stomach and esophagus and my life is rough due to that.