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@roeder It's not an easy decision to make, to move a loved one to a facility, is it? You need to have a very clear understanding of where your loved one is in the progression of the disease before you can make some decisions. You can check with your county Senior Services to get their thoughts about good facilities to look at. Knowing what level your loved one is at now and where they may progress to, will also help you narrow down the type of facility that you would need to look at as you want something with continuing care that can move him to a more concise level when he needs it. I hope that others will be able to chime in here. Please check back in with us as you take this journey. We care.

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Check with his dr's office. They may have a social worker or referral service to help you. Having a copy of your Dr's diagnosis will help locate a facility that has the proper services for him. My husband was a VA clinic patient and the social worker there was great help when the time came for a placement for him.