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Clinical Depression

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Wow. I guess I hadn't thought of it like that. You could certainly be right. I think more than anything I am caught up in a panic disorder that literally comes on out of nowhere and when it does I'm literally paralyzed. And I mean from out of the most unexpected places and situations. Heart begins to race and I am literally frozen in fear. I do know that I cannot continue in the state I'm in though. Perhaps I will inquire with my doctor about one of the meds that controls both panic and depression but I cannot take one that causes weight gain! I did that once before and although I FELT better I literally gained 30lbs in less than 3mo and didn't see it coming. I've worked too hard to get the weight off and keeping it off. I think you might've just given me that lil nudge I've needed for too long about medication to help me. Thank you!

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I too have had panic attacks where I cannot move. My depression getting under control with antidepressants has reduced my anxiety to normal levels where I can still function and think about normal everyday things.
You mentioned you believe you know what may have brought this on. Have you considered therapy to explore that possible cause and what you might do to get through it?
Thanks again for your reply. I wish you all the best in your journey to better mental health.