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Clinical Depression

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Jul 10, 2019 | Replies (34)

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@maw258 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We're glad you found us. We are all patients, and not medical professionals. A few of us are nurses. You will find we are sometimes a chatty group, and share our experiences and stories to help others, and ask for assistance when we need to. It must have been hard to look at that list and tell yourself, "Yep, I have that one. Yep, I have that one" and down the line.

Knowing what a big part of the root cause is, is a wonderful start to working out of that depression! Not wanting to go onto medication is commendable, but sometimes necessary to get our brain "kickstarted" towards healthier thinking. I have done a few short rounds of a mild SSRI a few times, and was able to wean myself off. Non-traditional chemical intervention can include counseling or therapy of some sort, group interaction, getting outside in the fresh air and nature, exercise, journaling, making and taking time for yourself. Are you able to modify any of the family or work stressors, so that you can help alleviate your depression? Have you spoken with your primary care Dr about your concerns, for a referral to some assistance?

I hope you will continue to post, and let us know how you are doing. Some people who may be able to offer more insight include @parus @mamacita @merpreb @lioness We care here.

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@maw258 I can understand what you are going through. I have had depression all of my life. I took tranquilizers in my teens and went on antidepressants in my 40s. I am so glad for them. Side effects of them are different for different people. Just because some people have problems does not mean you will. Have antidepressants been suggested to you by a doctor? Has a doctor told you that you have depression?

@maw258 I agree with what Gingerw said to you It's hard to have anxiety and depression but at times you need some medical help to get started then as you feel better you can tapper of Talk to your Dr first tell him about your feelings ,he can help you be your own advocate let him know how you feel. Try to get rid of stressors in your life if family relegate some of your work and you can say no to friends if it's to much for you Remember you are important to yourself so be kind to yourself

I believe I am able to tie into when it started and the things that happened in a short period of time that actually kickstarted me into this spiral. I let it go far too long without doing anything about it. I'm super stuck now and it's gone on long enough that I've developed more and more of the Mayo's symptom list of clinical depression. It's a scary, sad place to be.