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Radiation treatment and supplements

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Hi, @dianeem, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It does sound confusing with the radiation oncologist's advice against antioxidant supplements due to radiation causing oxidative damage to cells, yet reading differing opinions in the book you mentioned and in studies you've reviewed online.

I'd like to invite some other members who have mentioned supplements and cancer or having radiation therapy to join this conversation and add their input, like @francine6829 @cindylb @alamogal635 @dmgweiss @reibur1951. @becsbuddy and @merpreb also may have some thoughts.

Have you brought some of the literature that would make the case for supplementation around the time of the radiation treatment to your doctor's attention so that he or she could offer some insights? If so, what did your doctor say?

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@lisalucier– Thank you for inviting me int this conversation. Welcome @dianeem and thank you for joining us at Mayo Connect. I think taking supplements during chemo or radiation is up to your doctor after the both of you have discussed it and come up with the best solution. Ideally this should have been talked about when you questioned him/her during your first conversation.
This is very controversial as you stated and you should listen to him.
Find out if eating more of the foods that you think you want more of the vitamins it holds will suffice.
Russell Blaylock, talks about cells and not the therapy itself, in a nut shell. I was asked not to take supplements and I didn't. What kind of radiation are you having?

@dianeem. I would agree with @merpreb that the decision to use antioxidants is really dependent on a discussion between you and your physician. They have scholarly journals, conferences and exams that have to be taken. I’m sure your doctor has had many discussions with his/her peers on the use or avoidance of antioxidants. Have a discussion, but listen to medical advice. I hope all goes well for you. Becky