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Reverse shoulder replacement

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d@jaguar, Good evening. So, next month you plan to have a reverse shoulder replacement. Have you seen a video or other images of a "reverse" procedure? My surgeon sat and watched one with me. He also had an engineer from the manufacturer in the OR during the surgery.

My apprehensions were somewhat relieved when I was greeted by everyone in the OR. They called me by name and told me how they would be assisting. I also was in so much pain that I was probably more apprehensive about it not working than about the post-surgery issues.

Actually, the pain was not that bad. My best friend showed up at the house, jumped in bed with me and took over. She had me out walking around the block the day after I came home. The arm rested comfortably in a large supportive sling.

I don't think PT was recommended for a couple of weeks. However, I did have an ice machine that ran into the area and kept it very cool. That is a must. Sometimes your PT has an extra in his/her studio. My insurance company authorized the purchase of the machine and it was truly a godsend.

Showering was a bit tricky so my visiting nurse helped me figure that all out. I think by day 4 or 5 I even went out to dinner …. a brief dinner but at least I was out. I must admit that I do not remember severe pain just the usual after surgery pain. As soon as the healing started I was on my way and so grateful that the intense pre-surgery pain was gone for good.

I have never had pain in that shoulder since the surgery. I have limited use of it because it isn't lined up like the other shoulder and arm. The arm is 2 inches longer than my other arm. And since eating with a fork isn't "pretty" I tend to use my left hand for most tasks.

If you are into doing yoga and half push-ups, you might find it a bit clumsy but never painful. Let me know how it goes. I will be watching for your message. My very best in health to you. Chris

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Thank you for the reply. I will keep you up dated.