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I have considered taking the Aimovig medication but am stable on BOTOX. My present neurologist has basically suggested that I stay the course on what I have right now instead of moving to any other drugs. What I see here with your symptoms / side effects is very disturbing and should be followed up with the doctor as not be acceptable by you the patient. Anything out of the ordinary from your norm needs to be charted on a diary so that there is some means of charting when these symptoms occur, how long they take place, what helps or hinders them, what you did before or after to keep them at bay or if they even went away. Be a pest with the physician because these are drugs that are treating your brain and your nervous system….including your cardiac system. You need and want to know how you are reacting to the drug in order to have a clear understanding if it is working to keep your migraines under control. Eloise

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I keep detailed calendar entries and use the red circle to denote more severe symptoms and/or Aimovig-related side effects. I'm including a partial screenshot. Below what is in the picture is documented all prescription and OTC meds and everything I ate. I'm able to ascertain that the Aimovig upper abdominal cramping and spasms are much worse on days of high heat/humidity, particularly when storms occur. My GP is aware of all of this and I showed him Amgen research report as well as article written by a doctor who sourced research when noting serious concerns about blocking CGRP as that pertains to multiple systems within the body. The same article is going to be given to the cardiologist and pulmonologist. I just need to know that this will stop and I'll be able to walk, brush my teeth, put my hands over my head long enough to wash my own hair. Only when I'm sitting/laying down is my breathing okay. Link to the article is below. I think it would be exceptionally useful to neurologists to see it. My GP was shocked that Aimovig prescribing info failed to note cardiovascular risks, drug interactions (e.g. ibuprofen). I had to reschedule my neuro appt because I haven't been well enough to drive that far.

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