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Grief: My 'bad' coping mechanism experience

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@mcmurf2 I am so sorry to know that you have experienced yet another loss and this from suicide. You have my sympathies!

I would encourage you to read some of the other posts of Connect Members who have experienced loss through suicide. Here is the link to those posts, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/suicide-1/?commentsorderby=DESC#chv4-comment-stream-header

Here is some information from the Survivors of Suicide website, https://elunanetwork.org/resources/survivors-of-suicide-sos-group-finder/, that I thought might be helpful to you.

Could you share a little about your friend? Often just writing about a person you have lost is good therapy. Connect is here to listen and care.

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Hi my friend that shot himself did have a lot of health issues he had a lot of his colon removed from cancer. He also was very good actually at controlling his diabetes but he still has a lot of issues with it. I'm pretty sure he got a bad doctors call last week and decided he wasn't going to go through chemo or anything like that. He's never wanted to be a burden on people and he never wanted to be cared for in his health. He was a brilliant man. An engineer. He worked in our Big Barn in our workshop and built a live steam train engine and tender box from blueprints. Took a many many years. But it is finished now. It is for riding on the smaller tracks you sit on the train and you go for a ride on the tracks I can't remember what the gauge is called. But we have 1100 feet of track that goes through our tree belt and we will put that on the track sometime in the future and run it. He and I would sit out in the sky chairs in the summer and talk for hours. He like to talk about himself which is fine because he had a very interesting life in the Navy and his childhood. Also a lot of sadness in this life but he was a wonderful man to talk to and I loved it when he laughed.