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Grief: My 'bad' coping mechanism experience

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Hello @mcmurf2
Thanks for checking in with us again. I agree that a grief support group would be very helpful to you. I'm sorry to hear that you have not been able to find one close to you. In the meantime, use Connect's online community and write about your feelings. We will be your listening ears and eyes as you share. Have you tried to write also?

Sometimes a journal can be difficult but I've often suggested a box (with a lid). Take some index cards or other small notepaper and write a note each day to someone you have lost, just telling them that you miss them or how you wish you could tell them you love them, etc. and then drop the note in the box and put the lid on it until the next time.

Will you give it try?

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I will try and journal a bit. I did decide today not to do the grief group. It starts tomorrow and my elderly dad wants to go to the Corn Palace. ha. He needs to get out and I can't say no. And, the next week I have to go out of state. so I would miss the first 2 groups. They said there will be another one. But yes,, I DO feel I need it. I need something. I keep shoving things back in and it pops back out when I don't want it to. My physical health,, i'm thinking,,,, is having a lot to do with me stuffing... I"ve lost 43 lbs since last fall.. ( not trying). sick all the time,, but lots of stuff going on with thyroid too.. sooooooooooooo.. just waiting it out.........