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Tests show Mycobacterium Chimaera

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@alm2019 – I'm a little late to the party here, but take a look at this video from 2016 from a NTM conference.
he gist of it is that it seems what is identified as intracellulare may be chimaera, not all testing differentiates between the bugs well. Chimaera is another of the slow-growing NTM, so the treatment of the two is similar, just be sure sensitivity testing has been done. To see all the videos from that conference, go to https://www.nationaljewish.org/ntmvideos2016 .

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@sueinmn – thank you so much for sharing the video links and for your kind response. I’m learning so much more from these videos especially the preventative advice on NTM.
My CT scan has not shown any bronchiectasis yet but I’m still coughing with phlegm and I have repeat +ve sputum cultures for Chimaera.
I’m doing airways clearance and my consultant is not rushing into the antibiotics treatments.
It is so good to learn about this specific subject from many of you on this site. I live in London and although there are lots of info on bronchiectasis and COPDs etc. on the UK site I could not find many talking about specific mycobacterium infections.
Hoping you are all having good days. Best wishes and Many thanks.

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