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Hi Victor,
Although my first choice would probably be a Urethoplasty, a Superpubic has urethral catheters beat in my opinion. I’d ask your doctor about studies that seem to indicate an increase in bladder cancer. As long as you have regular cystoscopy and catch any cancer in its earliest stage it my not be an issue. Also about the possibility of leakage through the urethra as well as the Superpubic, both of which can occur.
Also I’d ask about the potential of increased bladder stones. Infections are lower with Superpubic vs Urethral. Tell you doctor you want to know ALL the risks as well as the benefits.
I wish you luck,

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I'd like to revive the option raised first above by Leonard (@jakedduck1) for purposes of discussion. I'm referring to the "external condom type catheter" that avoids all insertions into the bladder or urethra and merely uses a condom that is manufactured with an external tube extension from the end of the penis. My experience is borrowed from my brother-in-law — a quadriplegic who lived nearly 40 years after his accident in 1977, most of that time living alone in a three-room apartment where he spent time for only a few meals every month and a good night's sleep most nights (except when we took him out on a camping and canoeing excursion or when he rode his arm-driven 3-wheel bicycle across Iowa). He was an amazing man ("was" because he died 3 years ago due to other causes unrelated to his urinary tract).

Through those 40 years, he used the external condom catheter that he fitted onto his penis every day (with some difficulty due to his inability to achieve an erection). But it served him well, and his experience with UTIs was not much different from mine — about once a year. Victor, I hope you can consider this option, which could take you past your century mark in the future. Martin