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My uro- surgeon,does not consider me a candidate for urethroplasty because of the length of the operation and the fact that i am in my 80's and it would be too risky

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Your doctor shouldn’t be obsessed about your chronological age. Risk is assessed (or should be) based on health conditions and your medical history. Anesthesiologists evaluate patients based on a 1-5 score and is not affected by your chronological age. It is based on your health. Request that your surgeon refer you to an Anesthesiologist to be evaluated for surgery. Sadly many doctors think if your over 65 your a bad surgical risk. Do you have high blood, diabetes or other health issues that might put you at a higher risk? A lady (95) fell and broke her hip and used a chair to walk to the door to let the ambulance people in. Sadly older people just aren’t given the respect and credit they deserve.
I know a man who was nearly 100 (believe he was 98 at the time) when he fell on an irrigation pipe and pulled himself off the pipe (In his abdomen) and drove home for help. Doctors said his chances we’re slim but they had no choice but to operate, he came through it like a teenager. Later he had a leg problem and they refused to operate based solely on his age. He developed gangrene and the choice was amputation or death. They amputated and he came through like the champ he was. He was fitted with a prosthetic leg and went back to doing every aspect of farming and lived to almost 105. Active up to a few days before he died He never took medication of any kind. They say kids are resilient but so are many elderly folks.
The problem with urethroplasty is there are different procedures with different statistics. Basically they range from a 60-99% success rate. Depending on type of stricture, location, size and procedure. Anastomoses may have the best success rates provided the stricture is small. What reasons did your doctor give for not wanting to operate? I hope there were other reasons besides age.
Good luck on whatever you decide.