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Hi Jake,
Have you know of this possible option ( in lieu of a suprapubic catheter) :

"Option is not to reconstruct the urethra at all, and instead make a bypass for the urine instead. Here, the urethra is opened under the scrotum, and a paddle of skin sewn to the urethra. Thus, with the bulbar urethra sewn to the skin, the urine can easily come out. However, the patient will need to sit to urinate. This is a reasonable solution for the severely scarred urethra in a more elderly patient.:"

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Yes, there are various type of urethroplasties the one you suggest being one of them. I’m curious why the doctor didn’t recommend one of these procedures. Possibly because Catheterization is the simplest and least invasive. However catheters do carry serious risks. My Dad developed bladder cancer from chronic catheter use along with infections. I’d be curious about the statistical data regarding bladder irritation and cancer.
There are risks regardless of the choice you ultimately decide on.
Good luck,

Further to my last post; does anybody know how successful this bypass option is; or know of anybody who has previously done it ?. I would like to have it done in my situation but wish to have information on the length and/or how complicated the procedure might be' as I am in my 80"s. Would be very grateful for help or advice. Thanks