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Hi Colleen,
Thanks for your response. Here is a gist of how I ended up with this stricture.
In 2008, I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer (Gleason 7) and opted for radiation treatment because it was a non-invasive. When my PSA began to rise after 2 years; I had hormone (Telestar) injections every 3 months. Everything went well for the next 7 years. On March 7, 2017 I found myself passing clots of blood while urinating. I called my uro-oncologic surgeon’s office and was told to go to the Hospital ER as the Doctor was not available. At the ER. A nurse was assigned to catherrize me; a procedure I had never experienced. I knew that she would put a catheter into my penis to reach the bladder to drain the clots out. She proceeded but instead of expecting discomfort, I was getting a lot of pain while she tried to push the catheter. She kept on shoving and even called a colleague and both kept on shoving even using their hip to shove. The pain was unbearable and I even passed a stool with the pain. I then asked them to stop and take me to the Urology Dept. The doctors there put me under and when I came to, I was in a hospital bed. The next day the surgeon came to see me. My scrotum was the size of a baseball and I had a catheter. He explained that the nurse had found a false passage while catheterization that caused the problem. Three weeks later my Surgeon (Dr. N. F) told me that as a result of this “traumatic catherization” I had developed a large stricture which allows only a thin flow of urine. Now after 2 years and 3 urethrotomies (VIU’s) there is no improvement and UTI’s are frequent. Hence his suggestion of a suprapubic catheter.


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Hi Victor,
My cousin had problems and the doctor did a dilation procedure. It was unsuccessful. Have you considered removing the stricture by way of a urethroplasty? This is probably the most successful treatment for this issue and personally I’d seriously talk it over prior to your catheterization. If successful it would prevent numerous potential problems in the future. Also I’d get some other opinions.
According to US News and World Report here are there recommendations of the best hospitals for Urology care.
Good luck whatever you decide.