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Hi there,
Have you tried the external condom type catheters? This type reduces irritation to the bladder lowering the risk of infection, also an irritant and thereby bladder cancer. Of course it’s important why you need a catheter. My Dad was paralyzed and used both external and foleys and was thinking about a superpubic but never had it. If you choose a superpubic there may be an increased risk of bladder cancer. Caution also must be taken not to insert the catheter to deeply. You want to avoid damage and irritation to the bladder and accidentally going into the urethra. Infection is a concern and some say sterile gloves aren’t necessary but I always used them. Infection does seem to be less with the superpubic but that depends how careful the person is who puts it in.

Some pros,
Usually more comfortable than urethra type.
Easier to have sexual relations.
Usually lower risk of infection.
Accidents or damage not as common.
Procedure is reversible if you go to a different type.
Larger catheters can be used.
You’ve got options.
Use bag or drain directly into toilet.

Sensitivity, might become hypersensitive in some people but in some it may go away. The site may be uncomfortable.
Not a good option if overweight.
Possible discharge at site.
Risk for infection.
Higher risk of bladder stones.
The site may begin to heal/close.
Possible blockages.

I wish you luck whatever you decide. Health and happiness,

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Hi Jake,
Have you know of this possible option ( in lieu of a suprapubic catheter) :

"Option is not to reconstruct the urethra at all, and instead make a bypass for the urine instead. Here, the urethra is opened under the scrotum, and a paddle of skin sewn to the urethra. Thus, with the bulbar urethra sewn to the skin, the urine can easily come out. However, the patient will need to sit to urinate. This is a reasonable solution for the severely scarred urethra in a more elderly patient.:"