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Thank you for your kind comments. You ask, "why do you think the cancer has re-occurred?" I don't understand your question. My Oncologist has
prescribed a needle biopsy to get a conclusive determination of whether there has been a re-occurrence.. My original query, specifying the information in the test results report, was made to get an idea of the odds that the cancer has returned. Regarding the scan, it was part of a monitoring protocol of PET scans every three months post-op. No, at the time chemo was ruled out as previously explained, no prophylactic treatments were prescribed. Immunotherapy is considered by my health insurance provider a second line treatment.....only covered upon re-occurrence. If the biopsy determines a re-cccurrence, treatment options will be considered.

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Hello, @spooz2, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Glad you have connected with @becsbuddy.

Although we are not medical professionals and cannot offer any definitive opinions on chance of recurrence, I believe members here who have experience with bladder cancer personally or with a loved one will have some thoughts for you as you undergo this biopsy to make a determination on the status and also provide some support for you. Please also meet @predictable @mrbigdog2u @mcgonzalez36 @billskid @trishanna.

Just wanted to clarify when you will be having the biopsy? Do you have family members or friends who are supporting you through this journey?