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Bowel incontinence

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@emyliander My PFPT told me to not skip more than two days or it will really set you back. I have to admit I have skipped much more than that because for some of the exercises I have to be on my side and after fracturing my femur I couldn't lie on my side. I do see that I have had a setback but it's not total. I have been resuming the exercises now.
I know, I could have done some of the exercises but I was in so much overall discomfort that I did not.

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Sorry to hear about your fracture, I can see that would set you back. One of the exercises was for relaxation, as she said being tense could make things worse. I had long suspected that. Also having a lot of fiber in your food is recommended, it seemed to help me to switch from cold cereal to gluten free oatmeal, with fruit and nuts in it. I’m sure I will continue to learn about other foods that will benefit me. It is important to keep up the exercises, and also easy to let it slide for various reasons, I do it myself.
Thanks for writing. Emy.

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