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Bowel incontinence

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Well today I had my last PFPT and it has gone well. In the past 4 weeks I have had 2 very small bowel incidents, rather than daily. I am so pleased I can hardly believe it. There is so much information included with the therapy, I would recommend it for anyone with bowel incontinence. I’m going to make sure my doctors know about it so they will suggest it to other patients. Thank you for the help you give us. Emy.

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This was for JK also. Thanks.

@emyliander My PFPT told me to not skip more than two days or it will really set you back. I have to admit I have skipped much more than that because for some of the exercises I have to be on my side and after fracturing my femur I couldn't lie on my side. I do see that I have had a setback but it's not total. I have been resuming the exercises now.
I know, I could have done some of the exercises but I was in so much overall discomfort that I did not.

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