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Bowel incontinence

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@emyliander Lactose can be sneaky, there are things that have lactose in them that you would never expect. That’s why if I go out to dinner I will often take 2 digestive advantage pills, just to be on the safe side. It does seem odd that on vacation you would have no problems since you do have some at home. I know someone who actually has problems with some water! They purchase certain brands of bottled water that they know are not a problem.

I’m glad your psychiatrist reassured you that you don’t have dementia. That’s such a scary diagnosis. I too tend to be forgetful about certain things, and I also do not get nearly enough sleep due to having about six bathroom calls a night, plus some nights I have anxiety producing things on my mind. Last night I lay awake for about three hours. 🥺

I am sure if you keep up the good work of doing the exercises and eating high fiber foods you will be fine, at least most of the time. I will be interested in hearing if things continue to go well, I hope they do.

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Well today I had my last PFPT and it has gone well. In the past 4 weeks I have had 2 very small bowel incidents, rather than daily. I am so pleased I can hardly believe it. There is so much information included with the therapy, I would recommend it for anyone with bowel incontinence. I’m going to make sure my doctors know about it so they will suggest it to other patients. Thank you for the help you give us. Emy.