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Bowel incontinence

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I have had stool leakage for about a year, some weeks better than others. Physical therapy helped for a bit, but now it’s worse again. I have a referral to gastrointestinal at Mayo, but of course they don’t have any openings until the new schedule in 2020. But I do have the option of calling in every Monday to see if there is an opening. It sucks!

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@kzsolheid I am sure if you do call on Mondays you will get in sooner. I always have them put me on a wait list and almost always do get in sooner.

Having gone through stool leakage myself I know very well the difficulties it can cause. I did have pelvic floor PT but what helped the most was discovering that I had become lactose intolerant. My anal sphincter is very weak and was severely damaged during the birth of my first child. He was big and should have been caesarean but the doctor substituting for mine was idiot. So it is still damaged but now that I stay away from lactose the very soft stools are not nearly as much of a problem.

I will be very interested in hearing what the doctor at Mayo says.

@kzsolheid I get Harvard Health newsletter and they just had an article about this. I'm not sure what type of physical therapy you had, but a pelvic floor specialist might help. Also, in the newsletter they referenced various treatments including electrical stimulation, etc., which may increase muscle tone or somehow help. Keep trying – maybe it can be made better. Have you seen a neurologist, too, or the gastroenterologist, etc.? Just some questions for you to think about.