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Bowel incontinence

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@emyliander Three sessions of pelvic floor PT does seem like a very short amount of time for them to help that much. I assume along with the sessions you do the exercises at home also though.

It sounds to me as if perhaps your diet changed when you were away and that's what gave you relief. It will be interesting to see if now that you are home your problems resume. As I have mentioned, when I had these problems I tried eliminating various things, never even dreaming it could be lactose. Then I started noticing that on the days when I had a lot of food with lactose my problem was more severe. I have eliminated lactose and the problem is gone. When I am out and think a smidgen might be hidden in something I am served I take two Digestive Advantage Lactose Defense tablets before eating. I find them to be much more effective than Lactaid. Lactaid did not help me at all.

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Yes, I am lactose intolerant and drink almond milk and stay off other dairy, sometimes when the Celiac is under control you can tolerate lactose, but not me. Up until now I have only had one very small incident with my bowels, so I am amazed. Time will tell if it stays that way. I have a lot of exercises to do and I’m sure that must be helping, besides eating high fiber foods I am going to introduce……slowly, flax meal, per PT. I’m just waiting until I get back from NY visiting family, in case it upsets the apple cart.
I also visited my Psychiatrist for Med update and he said “ you do not have dementia “. I do forget a lot of things but I think I need to 1- get more sleep, and 2- try to be more organized and have less fires in the oven.
It’s good to know about the Digestive Advantage, hadn’t heard of it.