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Bowel incontinence

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@ jackiem95
Well I’m back, and I don’t understand what has happened but from the day I left on vacation on until now, I have not had one incident of incontinence. I don’t know if it was the iron I was taking, but previously I had problems even when constipated. I have had my third visit for Pelvic Floor Therapy, I don’t know if the exercises helped enough, it seems too short a time to be that effective, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.
Before leaving for my vacation, my therapist at the Dr.s office suggested that I might have mild cognitive problems, even saying that the quicker it’s treated the better the outcome. I asked my friend what she thought and she said she had been thinking the same thing. She asked me if I was upset about it. I said “ no because I don’t really believe it.
My sister-in-law said she noticed a difference but thought it was because of my antidepressant which was recently increased.
I am very forgetful which causes a lot of inconveniences. Tomorrow I go back to the therapist and will ask him what he based his suggestion on. On Wednesday I see my psychiatrist and will tell him about this and see what he thinks. In the meantime I wanted to go on the MCI group to see if others problems matched up with mine at all. I am a very busy person and have a lot on my mind with sick friends, and family to keep up with, including our handicapped daughter who lives with us. So I’m wondering if I could join that group.
Thanks for your time and the work that you do. Emi.

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@emyliander Three sessions of pelvic floor PT does seem like a very short amount of time for them to help that much. I assume along with the sessions you do the exercises at home also though.

It sounds to me as if perhaps your diet changed when you were away and that's what gave you relief. It will be interesting to see if now that you are home your problems resume. As I have mentioned, when I had these problems I tried eliminating various things, never even dreaming it could be lactose. Then I started noticing that on the days when I had a lot of food with lactose my problem was more severe. I have eliminated lactose and the problem is gone. When I am out and think a smidgen might be hidden in something I am served I take two Digestive Advantage Lactose Defense tablets before eating. I find them to be much more effective than Lactaid. Lactaid did not help me at all.

Glad you were able to enjoy your vacation without problems! I think continuing with the Pelvic Floor therapy would be worthwhile. I am a bit puzzled though about your comments about possible cognitive issues. Are you thinking this may be related to your digestive conditions?