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Bowel incontinence

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Emy, have you had a specific diagnosis of what is causing this problem? I ask because in my case, a GI told me I was incontinent (because of ongoing diarrhea) and sent me for Pelvic Floor therapy. A colorectal surgeon said therapy could help me control the urges somewhat problem but weak Pelvic Floor muscles were not causing the diarrhea. Turns out I have IBS.
I think if were you I would wait to order the book until after starting the therapy and finding out more about what is causing your problem. Good luck!

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In reply to jackiem95. I have been diagnosed with Celiac, IBS, and Microscopic Colitis, in that order, with a few yrs in between. I’ve had the diagnosis for many yrs, but the incontinence only for a couple of yrs. so I know why the diarrhea and constipation happpen, and I’ve been told that my rectal muscles are weak. But no one ever suggested anything I could do about it until I joined the digestive discussion. I’ve noticed that those who have had the PFPT say it has helped “somewhat “ so what are the odds of having it take care of the problem entirely. Would that be expecting too much, especially at me age ? My blood work shows that the Celiac is well under control, I’m strict with my diet. As for the other two diagnoses there’s not a simple answer.
Thank you for replying, I know everyone is different, so there’s no guarantee.

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