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Bowel incontinence

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Thank you JK, you’ve given me a lot of information, I looked up the https info, very interesting. I do not eat meat but eat fish, and about 4months ago I gave up dairy also, I use Almond milk, and non dairy butter. I’ve also cut back on sugar. I drink green tea which does have caffeine, so I’ll try to find a non caffeinated one. Along with my Celiac diet it can be quite challenging. I’m going to check with my insurance to see if I need a referral for a urogynecologist, if I do I’ll get one. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. , I’m trying to remember to do the Kegel exercises. I plan to walk more, was out walking this morning. I need to increase my fluid intake with

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@emyliander Finding a urogynecologist can be a challenge. It's a relatively new specialty. I found one here in NH and she is supposed to be good, but the wait for an appointment was at least six months. I ended up going to Mass General for that too, that department there has three urogynecologists.
When I went to the physical therapist, primarily for UI, she said to not skip more than two days, it really sets you back. We went to NYC over the weekend to visit my daughter and I skipped at least 3 days with the getting ready to go and the settling in when we returned, maybe 4 days. I really did see a huge difference this week.
I am supposed to drink 80 - 100 ounces of non-caffeinated beverages a day to keep my kidneys happy so between that consumption and urinary incontinence I really go a lot, particularly at nighttime. I get up at least five times during the night. As morning approaches and I am sleeping less soundly, I am up every hour, but that, of course, is for UI, not fecal incontinence.